Enjoy figuring out the best serial killer documentaries to watch? Next, take a look six unsolved murders that will keep you up at night. Then read about how some of the most famous serial killers met their end.

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng were a pair of serial killers responsible for at least 11, but possibly as many as 25 murders. Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer - Top… In February 1994, NBC's Stone Phillips met serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for his only network television interview. He traveled to the prison with Jeffrey... Lisa Rinna Says Mom Attacked By Trailside Killer: Who's David…

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If you are looking to watch something that will keep you up at night, check out our list of serial killer documentaries on YouTube. Just make sure you send your kids to the other room since you ...

r/serialkillers: Information and news about serial killers. ... Criminally Listed is a good channel for little known true crime cases. Although, the monotone narration and strange pronunciation of some words can take some getting used to. 12 Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Netflix Streaming ... With so many different documentaries on Netflix to choose from, the 12 best serial killer documentaries on Netflix streaming in 2018 might be the last genre that comes to mind… For some of you ... The Most Disturbing Serial Killer Documentaries on Netflix ... 6 Disturbing Serial Killer Documentaries to Stream on Netflix It's like a car crash; you can't not watch. By Caitlin Busch on May 26, 2017. Filed Under Answers, Horror, Netflix & Streaming. A s ... good documentaries on serial killers? : serialkillers - reddit r/serialkillers: Information and news about serial killers. ... I found the "selling of a serial killer" one to be quite disappointing. it was pretty much just watching that guy being conned into paying money for a pointless and fruitless interview with Aileen and her adoptive "mother" and her shady "lawyer".

Best Serial Killer Documentaries to Watch Right Now

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